Reiki Charged Heart Chakra Crystal Votive – Infinite Love


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Charged with Reiki and Heart Chakra crystals, this votive candle holder is a beautiful way to bring light and love energy into your space.  These candle holders are not just beautiful, they are energy tools to enhance your space and personal energy!

The Infinity Symbol anchors Universal love energy and the Rose Quartz, Peridot and Adventurine chakra crystal tumbles harmonize your heart chakra energy, and promote Love energy in your world and being.  Great for any sacred space, alters, to light and place on top of your manifestation affirmations, any where that you want to focus your love and energy is the perfect place to put them!

Please Note, these are individually created and charged with Reiki again before sending, they may differ slightly from the pictures as each is a unique expression, the one you receive will be perfect for you or whomever you are gifting it to <3

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