Among Reiki Masters and many others, it has long been believed that crystals hold their own special healing powers. If you’ve had the opportunity to enjoy a Reiki session, you may have noticed your Reiki Master using crystals during your appointment. While Reiki can be a powerful force in and of itself, crystals enhance Reiki’s effects. Essentially, these two forms of therapy are complementary and many individuals report experiencing greater feelings of relaxation and well-being when Reiki and crystals are used together.

The Benefits of Crystal Healing

Chakra Diagram

Crystal healing can be used to address a number of problems, with different crystals possessing different healing properties. They offer holistic healing much in the same way that Reiki does – on all levels. Crystals can be used to help both physical, mental, and emotional problems. Among the many issues with which they can assist are sleep problems, relief from aches and pains, stress, lack of focus, and the feeling of not being grounded.

How Does Crystal Healing Work?


Just like Reiki works to ensure that the energy is flowing as it should between your chakras, different crystals work to realign your chakras and improve and restore your energy flow. There are a number of different crystals that can be used for each chakra. Here’s a sampling of some that you may come across (keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list by any means):


  • Base Chakra – Represents Being Grounded and Feeling Stable and Secure: Hematite, Smoky Quartz, or Black Onyx
  • Sacral Chakra – Represents Sexuality, Desire, Ability to Connect with Others: Carnelian, Amber, or Orange Calcite
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – Represents Confidence and Control: Citrine, Jasper, or Pyrite
  • Heart Chakra – Represents the Ability to Love: Aventurine, Emerald, or Amazonite
  • Throat Chakra – Represents the Ability to Communicate: Sodalite, Aquamarine, or Angelite
  • Third Eye Chakra – Represents the Capacity for Wisdom and Intuition: Amethyst, Charoite, or Purple Fluorite
  • Crown Chakra – Represents Spiritual Connectedness: Ametrine, Quarts (Clear), or Blue Lace Agate

Can I Work with Crystals on My Own?

Collection of Various Crystals

Absolutely! No special skills are required if you want to incorporate crystals into your daily well-being practices. StyleCaster has an online guide that covers some of the basics of crystal healing. You can find out which crystals are appropriate to use for which purposes on The Holistic Ingredient. And you’ll find even more information on using crystals for healing through Reiki for Holistic Health.

Do You Want to Experience Crystal Healing for Yourself?


If so, you can schedule an appointment with Yarra online or call her at (720) 495-2525.

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